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All work and fun

We are always on the lookout for hardworking and talented individuals to join our team.

Contrary to popular belief, we love to work with new talents that has room for growth. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our team members improve!

Factors we look out for are people with the right mindset and attitude in work and life, and people who believe in our vision and mission.

If you are someone who believes in learning, self-discipline and enjoys the process of improving, we welcome you with open arms!

Who Are We Looking For?

The roles we need

We are currently looking for talents to join our:




Commercial Team

Commercial team members are required to perform and commit on a daily basis . As such, certain performing background and/or experience is required. You must also be able to manage and handle our clientele on your own as you are required to choreograph, conceptualize and manage shows. 

Joining the commercial team can be demanding but it will also improve your skills as a performer in lightning speed, have a rewarding income and a worthwhile career

Once shortlisted, talents will go through an audition and an interview.

We are also open to overseas talents who are keen to work in Singapore. However, a good command of Mandarin is required. 

But hey! No harm trying! It’s not that scary! If we can do it, so can you!

Performance Team

Performance team is a part of FESG non-profit passion project to reach out to youths and younger talents. The mentorship platform aims to guide these talents to utilize their time to learn and pick up skills through performing opportunities and right exposure. 

This is achieved through performances, creating YouTube content, Community Clubs, competitions and many more! Joining the performance team  helps to grow individuals and allow them to explore what motivates them. 

As talents grow with us consistently, we will sought to shift them to the commercial team or other areas of management that require different skillsets should they wish to.